Houtlander’s minimal oak furniture is built to last – House and Leisure

The winners of Best Furniture Design at 100% Design South Africa this year, Houtlander impressed us with their timeless, streamlined approach. The company began during Phillip Hollander’s university days, providing an outlet for him to practise his craft (and make some extra cash on the side). He was later joined by the talented Stephen Wilson…

Spotlight on Houtlander – Between 10 and 5

Furniture makers Phillip Hollander and Stephen Wilson are on an enviable trajectory right now. Their furniture design company Houtlander showed for the first time at 100% Design South Africa last week and took the coveted prize of Best Furniture Design at the exhibition. The business partners exhibited a striking range, which they have been developing and refining for the last eight months. “You could say it was the relaunch of the brand Houtlander,” Phillip explains.