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An award-winning furniture manufacturer based in South Africa, Houtlander merges modern technology with age-old crafting techniques and timeless design. Our goal is to create exquisitely made pieces which capture the imagination and stand the test of time. We believe furniture has the potential to change the world, and the way we live in it.


Spindle Back Diner dining chair Houtlander


Spindle Back Diner

R 3,910.00

carbon negative timber

our oak

We only use sustainably harvested American oak to craft our furniture. Timber is an inherently sustainable material - trees are (ideally) an infinitely renewable resource. But many manufacturers rely on monocropped pine, or other woods, due to cost and ease. This practice destroys soil and the surrounding ecosystem. All our oak is grown and harvested in indigenous forests on the east coast of America. Trees are felled only once they’ve reached full maturity. Then they are drawn from the forest in minimally invasive ways that preserve the surrounding vegetation. It’s all about delivering a truly sustainable and stunning product.

our production approach

marrying tech with tradition

Carpentry is one of the oldest crafts on earth, and furniture making ordinarily requires a huge amount of skill in order to deliver truly exceptional results. Unfortunately, these traditions are largely dying off, particularly in the global South, making great wooden furniture hard to come by at reasonable prices. At Houtlander we want as many people as possible to have access to beautiful, well-crafted furniture which lasts a lifetime. This is why we’ve combined expert craftsmanship with 5-axis CNC technology, allowing us to create perfect curves, joints and furniture features in an affordable and replicable way.

Our design

Timeless pieces made for living

Interior trends constantly change, creating an unsustainable cycle of consumerism and aesthetic stress. We believe there is a simpler way. All our pieces are made to stand the test of time, drawing from Scandinavian and Japanese traditions to work seamlessly in any space. Our classic shapes and materials impart a feeling of understated elegance. We believe this is how furniture should be: beautiful, timeless and made for living. 

The preservation bench


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