We are two passionate designers, Phillip Hollander and Stephen Wilson, who have come together to make beautiful, useful furniture that we want to live with. We both care about basic human principles of inclusivity, environment and legacy and connected with a single aim to design accessible and covetable furniture. We admire modernist design, especially the Scandinavian aesthetic, respect the tried and tested methods of centuries of traditional joinery and challenge ourselves to employ modern methods to create functional pieces with a future heritage.

Phillip started off making furniture out of his dads garage for friends and family while he was a student. He applied for business incubation for Houtlander at Furntech, a government supported incubation program for the furniture industry. Here he honed his technical skills and started the journey to become a furniture designer.

Stephen first fell in love with wood when he worked under an Austrian cabinet maker fitting out interiors of yachts. With years of experience he developed a deep understanding of different materials and its uses. He embraces technology in his design and has a passion for refining a product until its perfect.