Houtlander is a furniture design studio and manufacturing facility. Founders Phillip Hollander and Stephen Wilson have come together to create timeless and beautifully crafted furniture, with their team of designer-makers at Houtlander they work in a collaborative fashion to bring you the best that Houtlander has to offer. We care about basic human principles of inclusivity, environment and legacy. Combining a consideration for the traditional yet inspired by technology and a modern design approach, Houtlander crafts quality furniture that is simple but special, traditional but contemporary.

Phillip started off making furniture out of his dads garage for friends and family while he was a student. With a entrepreneurial mind and a love for working with his hands, making furniture was a hobby that naturally became a career. The love for timber and its natural appeal runs deep in his veins.

Stephen first fell in love with wood when he worked under an Austrian cabinet maker fitting out interiors of yachts. With years of experience he developed a deep understanding of different materials and its uses. He embraces technology in his design and has a passion for refining a product until its perfect.