Classic Diner - Upholstered Back

R 4,300.00

The perfect modern dining chair, with so many ways to make it your own.

There’s something magical about a modern dining chair that’s so well designed and made it will still be attracting admiration and compliments decades down the line.

Our Classic Diner will stand the test of time, whichever finish and upholstery options you choose, because it combines simplicity, beauty and exquisite craftsmanship from any angle.

Look at the attention to detail in the shaping of the wood, the precision in the carpentry, the subtle perfection in the carving of the seat … they all speak of Houtlander’s love for what we do and our delight in sharing that love with clients who enter a lifelong relationship with our furniture.

In its simplest form, with the natural colour of the wood gleaming through our hardwearing finish, the Classic Diner has the looks and proportions to elevate any modern home.

Play with our palette of finishes to make it complement your home decor. Then add fabric or leather upholstery - both available in four colours - to create a statement about your unique sense of style.

Meals prepared and eaten together are where families and friends connect. The dining tables and chairs of our childhood are imprinted in our minds. Here at Houtlander, we’re all about making sure the memories still to come are nothing less than magnificent. Please be seated…

520L X 490W X 796H

Timber products are warranted for 4 years from the date of delivery/collection in respect of frame and workmanship. Should the original product be altered in any way, the warranty will be voided.

Delivery Times:

Manufacturing can take up to 6 weeks from date of order. This excludes the holiday period from the 15th December to 3rd  January.

The Houtlander distribution centre will contact you to arrange delivery on any weekday between 9am and 5pm. No deliveries will be made on weekends or public holidays. Reasonable endeavours will be made to deliver the product on the arranged time and date.

Circumstances that are unforeseen or beyond Houtlander’s control may result in changes to the agreed delivery date and time. You will be informed by telephone and alternative arrangements will be made.

Please inspect your products on delivery.


Shipping Rates:

Our products are shipped pre-assembled, to ensure quality, longevity and ease. The volume of each package will vary depending on the piece and number of items ordered. Shipping costs will be calculated during the checkout process. The Houtlander fulfilment centre will contact you post-order to ensure you’re available to receive your delivery.

Our Oak:

We only use sustainably harvested American oak to craft our furniture. Timber is an inherently sustainable material - trees are (ideally) an infinitely renewable resource. But many manufacturers rely on monocropped pine, or other woods, due to cost and ease. This practice destroys soil and the surrounding ecosystem. All our oak is grown and harvested in indigenous forests on the east coast of America. Trees are felled only once they’ve reached full maturity. Then they are drawn from the forest in minimally invasive ways that preserve the surrounding vegetation. It’s all about delivering a truly sustainable and stunning product.

Manufacturing Process:

Carpentry and joinery are two of the oldest crafts on earth, and furniture making ordinarily requires a huge amount of skill in order to deliver truly exceptional results. Unfortunately, these traditions are largely dying off, particularly in the global South, making great wooden furniture hard to come by at reasonable prices. At Houtlander we want as many people as possible to have access to beautiful, well-crafted furniture which lasts a lifetime. This is why we’ve combined expert craftsmanship with 5-axis CNC technology, allowing us to create perfect curves, joints and furniture features in an affordable and replicable way.

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